Corporate Relocations

Novari offers furniture hire services for executive and corporate relocations in Sydney. This is an easy and affordable solution for furnishing a rental property for executives who may be in Sydney for short or long term work periods. Our rental plans run from 1 month to 12+ months and suit all types of budgets.

With a reputation for professional & friendly service, Novari Furniture Hire has a team of  specialists with extensive experience in the furniture & appliance rental industry.

As well as a wide variety of rental furniture & appliances, our corporate furniture hire packages can also include home appliances, linen, accessories, kitchenware and outdoor furniture.

Our furniture hire service includes complete set-up, with beds made and appliances installed.

Corporate Relocation furniture hire is another popular choice for temporary accommodation. We have a range of quality furniture and appliances and the essentials like cutlery and laundry equipment to get you settled in quicker, faster and easier.