Meet our Interior Designers

Our expert team of Interior Designers have a wide breadth in delivering curated spaces that will make you love where you live.
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Luisa Volpato

Project Director

Luisa has specialised in residential interior design, styling and renovations. Her work has been featured in Home Beautiful magazine and leading design sites, and

She has managed complete design and decoration projects, as well as the design and project management of cosmetic and structural renovations.

Prior to establishing the Interior Design division of Advantage Novari in 2017, Luisa ran her own interior design business for 10 years. Her passion for design emerged from her previous corporate career styling and producing high profile events. After studying and working in interior design she has never looked back.

To find out how Luisa and her team can help transform your home, contact Luisa for an obligation-free consultation.

Jemma Jackson

Project Director

Jemma has a wealth of experience across interior design and interior architecture. She loves to play with pattern, colour and texture and her attention to detail when specifying furniture and purpose-built joinery allows her to transform any space.

Her background in residential, commercial and retail interior design and architecture has given her the ability to be able to create adaptable spaces, while project managing and delivering projects on time and within budget.

Jemma’s time working with a luxury global furniture brand provided valuable experience with international and local residential design trends, and an in-depth knowledge of the furniture industry.

She wholeheartedly focuses on designing spaces based on her client’s interaction with the home, making it uniquely tailored to their needs.

Helen Tibbs

Project Director

Helen has a key talent for conceiving intuitive spaces that embody and support her client’s needs through considered design solutions. Creating not only beautiful but smart spaces is the guiding force behind each design.

Helen holds a Bachelor in Furniture & Product Design from London. She has created a diverse career including valuable and varied experience in the design industry and managing design projects in residential and commercial projects.

Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the team, Helen is responsible for design projects from initial consultation through to completion.

Victoria Maddocks

Interior Designer

Victoria loves combining the perfect balance of materials, colours and items within a space, resulting in a cohesive interior.

After completing a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Interior Decoration and Design from the Design Centre Enmore, Victoria has specialised in residential design. Before joining the Interiors team, she worked as an onsite stylist with the Advantage Novari property styling team.

Victoria’s varied experience in creating different interior schemes means she easily adapts to each client and project with great results.  

Rosalyn Hall

Interior Designer

Rosalyn’s design aesthetic merges timeless interiors with a complementary blend of old and new to create spaces uniquely tailored to each client.

After graduating with an Advanced Diploma of Interior Design from Enmore Design Centre, followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Raffles Design College, Rosalyn moved to London where she specialised in high-end residential projects throughout the UK for over five years.

Her time overseas is a constant inspiration for her, drawing from the history, architecture, and culture of places she has travelled to, which inspire interiors that push the boundaries of design.

Dagny Mirecka

Senior Interior Designer

With a keen interest in sustainable solutions and user centred design, Dagny creates interiors that promote wellbeing and positive outcomes for the environment.

Having studied a Master of Architecture, Dagny’s impressive portfolio and skill set has seen her work on a range of projects from educational and commercial architecture to retail design and fit outs for international fashion brands.

With an ability to quickly translate concepts and ideas into innovative yet practical solutions, Dagny’s designs delight and inspire. She works tirelessly with clients to ensure their vision becomes reality with a well-rounded design sensibility.


Kim Hall

Interior Designer

Kim’s travel around the world on Super Yachts ignited her passion for Design, with exposure to high end luxury interiors. This has translated into her design approach with a versatile aesthetic that is unique to any client vision.

Following her love for design, Kim studied Interior Design at Billy Blue transitioning from styling at Novari to Interior Design.  Kim brings with her a wide skill set in design with her extensive experience across a variety of roles in the design industry.

Kim works to create balanced spaces that are bound together by a considered design narrative through layering of materials, texture, colour, and furnishings.


Shannyn Lukey

Interior Designer

Shannyn’s passion for interior design developed through her eight years’ experience as a visual merchandise manager for high-end furniture and fashion brands.

With a wealth of experience in the creative industry and a Diploma in Interior Design from Billy Blue. Shannyn has a key eye for spatial planning with her on-site prowess seeing her deliver projects to exceptional standards.

Shannyn has become an integral member of the design team bringing her creative flair to transform interiors into bespoke and innovative spaces.


Emma Clark

Interior Designer Coordinator

With an ability to connect people with places, Emma’s design approach enables clients to express their vision through considered design. Her passion for interiors is driven by creating unique solutions for each client.

Emma has completed a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration at Billy Blue. With a background in sales and customer relationship management, Emma nurtures clients throughout the entire design process.

Emma provides invaluable support to the whole team in delivering perfectly curated homes for clients.


Lizzie Ballard

Project Administration Coordinator

Lizzie combines her passion for interiors and experience in project management, to bring together the all-important admin, financial and logistical elements of each project.

Moving to the city from her hometown Mudgee, Lizzie’s enthusiasm matches the fast pace of the design industry. She has a wealth of experience coordinating residential projects for over seven years, ensuring the ultimate customer experience every time.

Lizzie has the ability to juggle the ins and outs of multiple projects and is a great problem solver, making her an essential part of ensuring each design project is delivered on time and on point.