Room Interior Design & Decorating

You don’t need to be designing a whole home or major refurbishment to make use of our interior design and decoration services.  Our Melbourne and Sydney interior design teams can help you design, plan and update rooms or specific areas of your home.  Our experienced team will consult with you to discover just what you need to complete your rooms, creating a seamless flow between existing rooms, styles and furniture.     

Our interior decoration service gives you access to our expertise, product knowledge and buying power to furnish and decorate.

So, if you need help realising your dream bedroom, repurposing a room into a home office or adding a nursery for a new family member, contact us to see how our Interior Designers can help bring your dream to life.

Bedroom Interior Design

It’s said we spend up to a third of our lives sleeping, so your bedroom design is an area that can greatly impact your well-being.  Choosing the right blend of bedlinen, floor coverings, colours, materials and textures will create a restful, welcoming space. Natural light, storage and layout are important design considerations our interior designers can assist you with.

Living Room Interior Design

Your living room is one of the most important areas of your home; its often the central point of a home and a key to great open plan design.  It needs to not only look great, but to be functional and comfortable to provide a space for relaxing and entertaining. Starting with your plan, our interiors team will design your space for the rooms uses, number of people to seat and any media or technology to include.

Large furniture pieces such as sofas and chairs, need to stand the test of time, be comfortable and meet the seating requirements for the room’s users.  Personality and flair can be added with textural rugs, plump cushions, wall colour and lighting.  Our designers advise on, source, supply and install all the pieces you need to create a haven within your home.


Designing and creating the heart of your home, your kitchen, can be one of the more complicated projects.  With so many appliances to select and integrate into the floor plan, its critical to get the layout, style and finish of these correct the first time.  Defining the floor plan of your kitchen for workflow, storage needs and visual appeal will create a kitchen you love to use as much as look at.  Cabinetry, benchtops, splashbacks, tapware and lighting are all elements our designers can assist you in selecting for your new kitchen.


Along with kitchens, bathroom design and creation can take up a hefty part of your budget.  High use areas need to be well designed for durability, timelessness, ease of use and ease of cleaning.  Combining the elements of your bathroom design needs and fitting them into the available space is our designers speciality. We can guide you through bathroom layout, tiles, tapware, fittings and cabinetry selections on your budget.

Dining Room

From cosy kitchen nooks, open plan dining though to elegant formal dining rooms, our experienced interior designers can create your dining space and source your furniture and decor pieces to meet your needs while looking beautiful. 

Home Office

Home offices are high on the list of must-haves for home builders, buyers and owners.  Creating a dedicated office space to work from home can add to productivity and well-being.  Being experienced in corporate office design, our interiors team can apply these principals to your home office to enhance productivity, wellbeing, aesthetics and efficiency.

Contact us to see how our Interior Designers can help create your perfect room design, whatever the function.