Interior Design for Lifestyle & Property Value

Design is everywhere, whether you notice it or not. From jam jars on the supermarket shelf to sleek tech products, to interiors in glossy magazines, they’re all professionally designed to evoke an emotional response.

Interior Designers create beautiful, functional and cohesive spaces that enhance the liveability of your home, which in turn adds lifestyle value – and if done considerately, increases your property value, as well.

Is your home working for you? If it isn’t, chances are it also won’t work for others. Your home may be adequate, but perhaps there are functional elements that don’t work well, or the dated appearance and colour scheme are grating on you! Imagine the pleasure then of walking into a home you truly love every day. This is what great design can achieve. Just take a look at the below before and after of this kitchen which Novari Collective Interior Design recently transformed:

BEFORE Kitchen Northbridge AFTER

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Investing in a Renovation

Buying a home is by far the biggest investment most people will make. With the ever-increasing cost of buying a home, many decide to stay and renovate. Or if buying for the first time, some turn to less expensive older properties with renovations or extensions in mind, saving on stamp duty and other buying costs. In fact, according to the Australian Financial Review, Australia expects to see easing of construction costs later in 2023, making planning a renovation now even more appealing.

Renovating can add invaluable lifestyle enhancements whilst increasing your property value, such as changing the floor plan to make it more functional, improving or reinstating the character of your home, generating street appeal, and improving energy efficiency. By adding in strategic design, Interior Designers can ensure a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, or a small tweak to the floor plan increases functionality and brings your home up to date with finishes that stand the test of time.

Furniture, storage and cosmetic updates

It’s not just renovating that can add value. Cosmetic refurbishments such as painting and the choice of soft furnishings, furniture and layout, can really make a big impact.
Space planning and furniture choice is crucial. Using a professional to make your space feel bigger, and maximising it’s use with clever storage solutions, is at the top of the wish list for many clients. We all know the size of a home affects the price. It stands to reason then that if your home feels bigger AND looks great – future buyers will pay more.

Advice on where to spend

It takes training and experience to understand space and proportions, how to make the most of natural light, flow and bringing things together. This is also where many DIY’ers don’t get it right. Ordering expensive items life a sofa, window treatments or flooring in the wrong size, aesthetic or colour can be a costly mistake.
While you may be planning on staying in your home for many years to enjoy the benefits your designer has created, most clients want to make sure they spend wisely and avoid overcapitalising. The best Interior Designers will be able to make the most of your budget, giving advice on where you should invest and where you can compromise.

Interior Design for property investors and developers

For the investors out there, clever interior design can increase rental yields and lower maintenance costs – creating a better return on your investment for the long term. Tenants pay more for appealing properties, and the added value will serve you well should you ever decide to sell.

Developers also benefit from professional interior design. Specification to ensure a beautiful new home and professionally furnished display homes ensure the best result for developers come sale time. Just be sure to engage your Interior Designer early to achieve the best results. Interior Designers manage your project, too – saving you time and keeping your project on track. You will benefit from their experience working with builders and architects, and from their relationships with trusted tradespeople, contractors and suppliers.

So whether it’s designing to enhance your lifestyle, increase property value, or taking on renovations – it’s clear that the value of professional interior design is well worth the investment.