The Benefits of Staging Your Property for Sale

Staging your home for sale can help you sell it faster and for a better price. Property staging creates an emotional response and triggers buyers’ buying habit. It can also make a huge difference to the outcome of your sale. House staging isn’t an expense but an investment with great returns.

Property Staging = Emotional Response for Buyers

Staging helps potential buyers visualise what the property is like to be lived in. By creating a stylish and luxurious interior, buyers can imagine themselves in the home and dream about their own home looking this way. With the high number of homes on the market, it’s important for our property to stand out and by utilising house staging it can help the agent prepare the best possible listing.

Return on Investment

A property that’s well staged sells faster and for more money. Our Sydney property styling team did exactly this. An almost perfect auction clearance rate of 96% was achieved with days on market being only 19 days (on average)! House staging is an investment not just a cost and our styling team are experts in predicting trends, understanding buyers demographics, and curating the perfect style to sell your home.

Staging Furniture That Shines

House staging makes the best features of your home stand out and disguises any flaws in a room. For example, a dark room with furniture that doesn’t fit well might look smaller than it really is. By complimenting the architecture and understanding the buyer’s demographic the property can be transformed and lifted beyond its original look.

Sell it Quicker

Staging can help give buyers the confidence to buy a property faster as it provides an accurate representation of how it would feel to live in the space. A house that sits on the market for too long can end up scaring buyers away. By utilising staging furniture, it creates a more competitive market and will push buyers to make a purchase.  See these excellent results for this Brunswick property.

House Staging Digital Listing

With the massive disruption to property inspections last year because of COVID, we have seen an increase in digital sales with online live viewings and videos. By utilising property staging you can get better results for any digital listings. Cameras and videos can often make spaces look smaller or less impactful but with curated styling your listing can still achieve the same results online as in person!

Okay so you have heard all of the benefits, but I am sure you are thinking well why don’t I do it myself? Staging your home on your own can be expensive and time consuming. Our luxury range of furniture has been curated from international and local suppliers to create the best look inside your home. With a professional Senior Stylist your property will be expertly designed to create a space that will engage with buyers. Our in-house logistics team organise the entire drop off and pickup, saving you the time of organising movers and ensures all the furniture arrives at the same time and is quickly collected. Our process from start to finish ensures that it is a stress free and as easy as possible for you.

To find out more about the benefits of staging your home for sale, contact our Sydney or Melbourne team today.