Home & Residential Interior Designers

Hiring an interior designer for your home is a wise investment; a good designer can not only save you time, but can save your money by buying cleverly, avoiding mistakes and keeping to your budget. 

Even if you have no idea where to start or simply don’t have the time and resources, our designers can guide you throughout the whole process.

Our interior design and decoration process;


A Senior Interior Designer will meet with you at your home or on site to discuss your needs, lifestyle and preferences. This enables us to clearly scope how you want to transform your home and set your budget.

Concept Design

Following the consultation, we develop a detailed design proposal, including timelines, fees and suggested works and budget.  Upon proposal acceptance, our consultation process continues to further refine and finalise the details of your project, scope of work and the final design concept and style for your home. At this stage we would finalise your budget with you and obtain signoff for project commencement and selection.

Selections and Project Works

We then get to work, sourcing and selecting the elements of your design scheme from colours and finishes to furniture, soft furnishings, art and accessories.

Your project will be brought to life with mood boards, colour swatches and samples so you have a clear picture of what each room will look like. 

For new builds and renovations we can handle the selection of all colours, materials, fittings and finishes, right through to project management of qualified local contractors to complete any project works or trade element of your project.

You will benefit from our industry knowledge and experience with furnishing and decor suppliers and manufacturers.  We are able to draw from a vast range of suppliers and brands, giving you access to items different to those readily available in retail and across a wide range of price points from affordable to high-end.  

Delivery & Installation

We then source and select the elements of your design scheme from colours and finishes to furniture, soft furnishings, art and accessories. 

Our warehouse facility and experienced team allows us to collate and expertly deliver, install and style your fit out.

We manage your project from start to finish, including liaising with qualified local contractors, organising orders and delivery logistics, all within your budget and timeframe, so all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful ‘new’ home.

To begin your interior design project, contact us to see how our Interior Designers can help bring your dream to life. 

Interior Design for Modern & Contemporary Houses

The way we live influences the design and architecture of modern homes.  Open plan living, outdoor entertainment areas and home offices are high on the homeowners list of must haves. 

Modern and Contemporary interiors call for simplicity and clean lines in all components.  Our designers know that consideration at design concept stage will allow for things such as ample storage to reduce visual clutter and contribute to the sleek modern style within your home.

Our interior designers are experienced at thinking spatially and have an all-encompassing view of the project, providing a design that is as functional as it is stylish.

Luxury Home Interior Design Services

Luxurious interiors are more than just the visual appeal of a home; Luxury is also in the quality, form, comfort and function of elements.  Using quality materials, that are durable and beautiful will bring you enjoyment for many years.  In key areas like kitchens and bathrooms, use of natural stone and marble will not only look stunning but will be durable and timeless.

Combining comfort, elegance and practical solutions through intelligent design is the hallmark of a great interior designer.

Apartment Interior Design

Design for living in a small space requires big ideas.  Our designers can help you make the most of apartment living with clever storage, multi-use areas and well thought out furniture and décor.  A sense of space is added through intelligent use of colour, texture, light and materials to live life to the fullest.