Dressed for Sale has teamed up with credit provider – Elevare Pay Easy (‘Elepay’) – helping you prepare your home for market NOW with NOTHING TO PAY FOR 120 DAYS.

Campaign costs can be expensive, yet professional property styling is proven to be one of the best investments you can make when looking to sell.

Novari Collective are not just styling experts, we offer complete pre-sale home preparation under one roof. Where necessary Novari Collective stylists consult on trade work such as painting, flooring, gardening and electrical.

To assist our clients, we have introduced ‘Elevare’. So you can pay later for your styling and any trade work required*…up to 120 days later in fact!

No upfront costs or fees. No monthly repayments.

A fee of 5.9% is charged as a one off payment at the end of the plan (or lower on early repayment).

*Maximum finance amount $25,000

What is ‘Elepay’?

Elepay is a simple and convenient way to prepare your home today but defer your styling and trade costs for up to 120 days.

For further detail on how Elepay works, read below or speak to your Senior Stylist.

With Novari Collective and Elepay you can manage the cost of preparing your home, helping you get to market now and pay later

How ‘Elepay works

  1. Complete Elevare’s 3 minute on-line application – we email you the link
  2. Once approved, Elevare pays for the styling on your behalf
  3. You repay Elevare anytime up to 120 days
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Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?

   Must be 18 years of age
   Must be an Australian citizen or a resident

How do I apply?

Simply select ‘Elepay’ as your payment option on your styling quote.

Our payment partner, Elevare Pay Easy, will send you a link to apply. You’ll be surprised at how easy and quick the process is. Please note that the approval process may include a credit check.

Once approved, Elevare will pay Novari Collective on your behalf.

What else should I know?

Although Elevare enables you to style your home today without paying anything up front – it is a loan and must ultimately be repaid at or before 120 days from the date of application. The plan will attract fees on repayment to a maximum of 5.9%. You can choose to repay your plan earlier, in which case the fees will be reduced as follows:

  • repayment in full within 58 days: incurs 2.0% fees on your approved amount; or
  • repayment in full within 73 days: incurs 5.0% fees on your approved amount.

Failure to pay the plan back on or before 120 days will constitute a default under Elevare’s terms and may attract late fees. If the plan remains unpaid then it could affect your future credit rating.

Elevare has no upfront fees or costs and there are no monthly repayments. However, please be aware that fees are payable on the approved amount at the date of repayment (as outlined above). For example, if your styling costs are $1,000 and you elect to pay using Elepay, then your Elevare repayment amount at 120 days will be $1,059 (i.e. your original $1,000 approved costs PLUS fees of 5.9%).

You may contact Elevare at any time to confirm the amount owing or to arrange an early repayment of the plan.

What are the benefits?

Elevare enables you to prepare your home today and pay nothing upfront. Beautifully presenting your home is key to maximising your proceeds from sale. By electing to pay with an Elevare, you can defer your payment for styling and trade work so it better matches your cashflow.

Novari Collective has arranged for a 120 day repayment period for its clients who wish to use Elevare Pay Easy. Whilst no sale campaign is guaranteed, this period would typically provide sufficient time for your property sale to complete and enable you to potentially utilise funds from your settlement to repay your plan in full prior to or at 120 days.

Elevare has made their application process simple and easy to use. Elevare is committed to full transparency in their products and services, and will be in touch with you regarding your plan from the moment you proceed with your application.

What are the fees and charges?

  • No upfront costs or fees, so nothing to pay today.
  • No monthly repayments required.
  • No admin fees.
  • Repayment on or before 120 days, including interest up to 5.9%.

If you are looking to payout your plan before 120 days, the following fees apply:

  • Age of plan: Less than 58 days, 2.0%
  • Age of plan: More than 58 days but less than 73 days, 5.0%
  • Age of plan: More than 73 days, 5.9%
  • As long as your plan is fully repaid within 120 days, the interest and fees on your plan will NEVER exceed 5.9%.

Are there late fees?

Elevare is hopeful that its customers never have to be charged a late fee, and everyone has settled their funds by 120 days as agreed. In unavoidable circumstances, where their clients are unable to repay by 120 days, their late fee policy is as follows:

0.06% per day will be automatically applied to the total amount due (the total amount due is equal to the original styling fee plus the 5.9% fee)

An approved repayment plan will be deemed unrecoverable 60 days after the 120th due date, and as such will be handed over to a 3rd party compliant collection service for resolution.

How can I make repayments?

Repayment of your plan may be made by a number of selected payment methods. Elevare asks each of it’s clients what payment method they would prefer. You can elect either an EFT payment or credit card. This election can be changed at any time by contacting Elevare.

Can I pay it off early or make extra payments?

Yes. You can pay your plan off early. This may result in a saving on the fee amount you will pay on the plan. (See above).

Are there early payout fees?


Factors to consider before selecting Elevare Pay Easy as your payment option:

While Elevare Pay Easy requires no up-front payment, it is a loan which requires repayment within 120 days from the application date. This amount will be your original styling cost plus a small fee on that amount, up to 5.9% (see above for further information on reduced fees if early repayment is made).

You are required to pay off your full outstanding balance within the 120 day period. If the full balance of your plan is not fully repaid within the 120 days then you will be contacted by Elevare to discuss a repayment plan and you may be charged penalty interest.

If your plan remains in default after 180 days then your future credit rating may be affected.

Elevare and it’s financial products are completely independent of Novari Collective.  All questions relating to your account, or Elevare’s terms, conditions or credit approval process should be directed to Elevare (see contact details below).

Where can I find out more?

Call the Elevare team on 1300 019 417.
Or send Elevare an email anytime.

Pay later, on your terms.

No deposit, no monthly fees or charges, no repayment for up to 120 days.

Dressed for Sale is now Novari Collective.

We are excited to announce our growth and expansion into a creative collective of stylists, designers and project managers across three states.

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