Donington Gardens, Georges Hall

The Property:

Donington Gardens is an independent aged care residency designed by award winning architects Calder Flower. When this serene abode was designed there was a strong emphasis on gardens and open space to provide future residents with an aesthetically pleasing environment. The site of Donington Gardens holds a historical significance and is closely linked to early colonial NSW.

The Styling:

We were approached to style the two properties, each with a different look and feel. Due to the nature of the property and the buyer profile we decided to go with more conservative and traditional décor. This was achieved through styling the first apartment with a French provincial feel, involving blue tones creating a soft traditional ambience that would resonate with future residents. The second apartment throws off a more contemporary edge and exhibits a lot of brown and green in conjunction with a mix of polished and unfinished wood pieces, thereby exuding a calming natural aura.