Brunswick House

This cluttered Brunswick house was in desperate need of some love to get it ready for sale. With over 6 skip bins of rubbish removed from the property, this California Bungalow was transformed into the perfect family lifestyle opportunity. The trade work and styling done at the property create a bright and appealing space that celebrates the spacious floorplan with a light and fresh transformation. The following works were completed at the property:
External Painting
Internal Painting
Pressure Cleaning
Carpet Removal
Floor Sanding & Polishing
Carpentry Maintenance
Property Styling
Rubbish Removal & Disposal
Internal Cleaning & Window Cleaning
477343_454_Brunswick_Road_005 478456_454_Brunswick_Road_010
477343_454_Brunswick_Road_021 478456_454_Brunswick_Road_035
477343_454_Brunswick_Road_134 478456_454_Brunswick_Road_135
477343_454_Brunswick_Road_108 478456_454_Brunswick_Road_119
477343_454_Brunswick_Road_102 478456_454_Brunswick_Road_097
477343_454_Brunswick_Road_075 478456_454_Brunswick_Road_092
477343_454_Brunswick_Road_047 478456_454_Brunswick_Road_061
477343_454_Brunswick_Road_089 478456_454_Brunswick_Road_112
477343_454_Brunswick_Road_161 478456_454_Brunswick_Road_165
477343_454_Brunswick_Road_009 478456_454_Brunswick_Road_017

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