How to style a console

Consoles are faultless and versatile pieces of furniture to maximise under utilised spaces. They offer a space to display home décor and subsequently showcase your personal aesthetic with vignettes. 


Entrance consoles are a beneficial way to consume an otherwise, very simple space. Due to the transitional nature of this area, everyone entering your home is likely to pass by, thereby it is important to create an impact and set the tone for your home. This can be achieved by dressing the console with bold decorations or with statement artwork above. Adding life with greenery is another element that adds warmth and creates a welcoming presence. 


Consoles add another element to an otherwise stock standard dining room setting. Add functionality to your console by displaying an array of dining accessories like candles or a wine setting to set the mood for your guests. A mirror is a common and extremely valuable feature to add above a dining console. It will make the space appear lighter with a sense of spaciousness, and will create ambience for an enjoyable dining experience.


Consoles can benefit from both a balanced or asymmetrical composition, depending on the formality of the space or the décor that you have to work with. The key to creating a visually pleasing vignette is to choose décor that supports the room’s theme. Display accessories in odd numbers and play with contrasting shapes and heights to create depth. The living console featured utilises this technique with books, a vase, an ornament and a lamp. A lamp brings warmth to a space and allows mood lighting when desired.


A bedroom should feel intimate and reflect your own style. This can be achieved by showcasing your personal taste through decorations or artwork. Consider placing the console near the door to the bedroom, as it will act as a great landing place for transitional items like keys, wallets, or jewelry. To avoid clutter of these pieces, use bowls, plates, or boxes to contain them. Bringing floral arrangements or greenery will soften the space and break up the starkness of any furniture.

Consoles create a focal point and add purpose to an area. With these styling ideas, you will be able to dress your console to suit each unique space in your home.