Exterior & Outdoor Designers

Building & Renovating

When building or renovating, your home’s exterior expression is more than just the colour and texture selections.  Your land size and typography, streetscape, natural environment along with building and council regulations will dictate some of your design requirements and the size and shape of your home.

Once your home’s footprint has been defined by your architect, builder and/or engineer, you can turn your mind to the exterior design of your home.  This is where our designers can assist you to create the perfect outdoor area and exterior elements to complement the style of your home while meeting your requirements.

From your fence line to your front door, there are important considerations that will be unique to your home layout and land.  Fencing, driveway and pathway styles and materials should be cohesive with your home’s architecture and the surrounding streetscape.  Planning well at the beginning can save you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes or oversights later on.  Adding convenient features such as remote gates or low maintenance materials and surfaces will add value to your home and lifestyle for years to come.

Selecting colour schemes, cladding and feature stone can be daunting on such a large scale.  Our designers can assist you at selection time building or renovating. Lighting, doors and windows need to not only be appealing and functional, but the right choices can save you money through energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Outdoor Living

Our enviable Australian climate encourages outdoor living and is an important design factor when planning the living areas of your home. Incorporating outdoor areas into your build or adding pergolas, paving or decking to your home will create another area to live, entertain and enjoy.  

Australians love to entertain and the addition of outdoor kitchens, barbeques or a pizza oven can create the perfect setting to get together with friends and family.  Clever lighting choices, along with heating and cooling can create a space you can use all year round.  Our designers can help to you create the ideal outdoor design and complete the look with quality outdoor furniture and décor.

Garden design and landscaping that is in harmony with your homes design will add to the external appeal of your home.  Our designers can work with you and your landscaper to ensure your garden matches your lifestyle, climate and preferences.

Home Exterior Design Consultants

Our designers can help you with building selections including;

  • Lighting
  • Cladding, render or masonry
  • Wall and roof colour
  • Roofing selections
  • Door, window and balustrade selections
  • External hardware and fixtures

Our outdoor design service includes;

  • Entertaining areas concepts, design and project management
  • Sourcing and supply of outdoor furniture and decorative items
  • Advice and planning for outdoor cooking, lighting, heating and cooling
  • Pergola, decking and paving design advice
  • Consultation and advice on Garden design and landscaping
  • Entrance design
  • Paving and driveway finishes

Outdoor Decoration Services

To redecorate or complete your outdoor living area, our outdoor decoration service can source and supply outdoor furniture, soft furnishing, décor, lighting and ceiling fans.

Contact us to see how our Designers can create a picture-perfect outdoor area that you can enjoy for years to come.