Cronulla Apartment

“When we downsized from our family home to a brand new two-bedroom apartment it was important to us to work with a designer who would take the time to understand our vision and take our blank canvas and personalise it to our requirements. We were after a holistic design that was tailored to our style and lifestyle and we wanted furniture and furnishing pieces that you don’t see every day. Sarah and Luisa from Novari Interior Design certainly delivered. What we enjoyed most about working with them was the collaborative process; they listened to us and then opened our eyes to possibilities we know we would never have thought of ourselves. The way they presented their ideas using moodboards made it easy to visualise and their attention to detail throughout the process was exceptional. They sourced interesting items from a range of specialist suppliers and ensured the quality was consistent throughout and the different elements, colours and finishes all worked well together. We particularly love our custom made leather sofa, hand painted artworks and outdoor furniture that doesn’t overcrowd a small balcony. The end result is not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable, homely and really functional. It’s the most complete home we’ve ever had!”

Glenn & Simone Curry, Cronulla